Tots and Technology 2011

Forms in Google Docs: It's Easy!

Forms in Google Docs: It's Easy! Presentation

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Quiz

Water is an Amazing Matter Quiz

Civil War Exam

Self-Grading Quiz Handout

Google Training for Forms

YouTube: Auto grading Google forms with Flubaroo Script

These TEKS are a'Changing

(presentation on the new Elementary Technology Application TEKS)

Presentation of the Revision Process

Prezi - Happy Birthday Technology Application TEKS
Summarized, Annotated Version of the TA TEKS
TA TEKS, Side by Side (Amy Mayer's blog) (Project Based Learning)

Getting the Most of your Calendar

Getting the Most of your Calendar Presentation

Calendar Help for Apps Users

Google Apps Module on the Calendar

Calendar Lesson Plan: Great Moments in Art

Calendar Lesson Plan: Telling Time

YouTube: Add Google Maps in Calendar Events (currently unavailable 6/14/2011)
Google Calendar Forum
Instructions on Adding a Resource Calendar

Technology In Action - Digital Cameras

Photo taken with Hipstamatic

1001 Uses for a Digital Camera

100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras (Scholastic)

Using Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Camera Apps

Hipstamatic $1.99
The Hipstamatic brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past! The Hipstamatic keeps the the quirks of shooting old school but gives you the ability to swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger.)
(Hipstamatic additional lens packs)
Crop Free and $.99 version
Select a photo, then drag the dots to crop your image. It's that easy. Rotate images too with a single touch.
IPic Manager Free
You can quickly add multiple photos from your existing iPhone library as well take a photo and have them instantly added to your selected folder. You can also password protect your images.
Pano $1.99 - (on sale right now)
Photo taken with Pano

Pano is an award-winning app that lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone.
Real Cover Lite Free (or $.99 version)
It allows you to place a photo inside a magazine cover without having to mess around with layering and masking. The Lite version offers only 6 covers (the full version includes 90), but it’s great for seeing what this app can do.
Photo Mashup $.99
Creating photo collages is another cool way to show off photos. Photo Mashup allows you to copy and paste several photos from your iPhone photo library, and save or email them as a collection in one file.

Photo Timer Free for now!

It not only enables you to set a timer for the shutter release, but it also includes a photo composition guide, burst mode, and photo sharing to Facebook, Twitter, MobileMe, Tumblr, and email.
Photogene $1.99
Photo editing tool
Color Splash $.99
Photo edited with Color Splash

ColorSplash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.
100 Cameras in 1 Free and $.99
A popular photo editor that includes 20+ photo effects for hardlighting and overlaying photos with various textures and filters. The paid version includes 100 more effects, but this free version is a good demo of what the app can do. You only have to tap once to apply an effect and see the applied effect.
Depth of Field Creator Free or $1.99 paid version
It contains auto presets feature for the DOF effects, or you can manually select an area in which you want to mask and keep in focus, while the unselected area is blurred.