Want to dive deeper into what Google Apps have to offer your school or district? Want to ramp up your expertise in Google Apps so you can train in your district and or outside your district? If the answer to either one of these questions is yes, then this session is for you. Come hear the steps it takes to become a Google Apps Certified trainer and how this can help you kick it up a notch in the world of Google training.Becoming a Google Certified Apps Trainer - Google's site that lists all the requirements to become a certified trainer.
Terms and Conditions for Google Apps Certification Program
Getting Permission to use Google Trademarks

Certified Trainer Application - The actual application you will complete. Be sure and review this before you start the process.
Google Apps Training Center - The modules that you must master. Great tutorials on all of the Apps. Good resource even if you don't want to become certified.
  • Must complete each test within 48 hours of the start time
  • You have only 90 minutes for each test (when you are logged in)
  • Each test has 60 questions
  • Learn the navigational features of each test
  • Each test costs $15
  • You must make at least 80% to pass. You will get instant results once you finish the test or run out of time.
  • You have 90 days to complete your exams. After you start the exams, you have 90 days to complete all six.
  • You have 12 months to submit your application
    Modules to Master
  • Google Apps Administration
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Drive
  • Sites
Google Testing Center - The site where you take the tests.
Texas K-12 User-Group - This Google group is open to all K-12 schools within the state of Texas who use or are considering using Google Apps.
Google Apps Overview: Seven YouTube videos giving a basic Google Apps overview
Google Drive Blog - This is where you read about all the latest things happening with Google Drive.
Gmail BlogThis is where you can read about all the latest things happening with Gmail.
Google Enterprise Blog Read more about Google enterprise solutions.

  • Review the material thoroughly before you take the test
  • May use the training materials to help you while you are taking the test but it is NO substitute for reviewing the material
  • Use the information in the training materials if there is a question between what the training materials say and the product features. The tests are created off the training materials but sometime they make improvements in the applications but they aren't reflected in the tests.
  • Make a screencast for your video (not a video of you teaching).
  • Show off your "googleiness" in your video (don't demonstrate something easy)
Why become a Google Apps Certified Trainer?
  • Going through the process helps you become very familiar of all the features of Google Apps for Education.
  • Provides you with a network of colleagues that can provide answers and assistance when you need to solve problems.
  • Provides you with a direct line into Google (sometimes).
  • Your credentials are included in the Google Marketplace
  • You can use the Google Certified Trainer badge for branding

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