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General Searching Techniques
Google Guide - An online guide on how to use Google to perfect your searching. It is not an "official" Google product, but has good information on searching techniques.
Google - Basic Search Some basic principles of searching
Google Search Features A list of basic ways you can search for specific information
Google Search Infographic Created by
Tony Vincent's Prezi on Google Search
Google Voice (in Chrome only)Useful for hard to spell searches, long searches,or when you need hands free
20 Advanced Google Search Techniques

Instructional Resources

Google ScholarSimple way to broadly search for scholarly literature
external image scholar_logo_lg_2009.gifGoogle Scholar Guide
Guide for Google Calculator Instructions on how to use the math functions built into Google
Google FightTool to see how many times a word or phrase is used in a website
external image googlefight_1_269x219.jpg

Using Google Fight in the Classroom An article on how to use Google Fight when teaching language usage.

Google Search for Educators - Classroom Lessons and Resources

Mobile Resources
Google SMS Learn how to use the texting ability of your cell phone to get search results fast
Google Mobile Use the Google App for your smart phone to search using your voice and your camera