Currently the test still states that you can access all the Google Apps products – Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video – from any of the product pages.
In the top left corner of any product, you will see a list of links that will take you directly to the product for your school.

external image google-new-ui.png

However..Google has replaced the black menu bar the icon of 9 squares in the upper right-hand of the screen.

Apps location dots.jpg

In addition to the links at the top left of any Google Apps page, you can also access each of the products through a custom URL for your school, where you replace '' with the name of your Google Apps school domain.

Accessing the administrator's Control Panel

Currently: (Replace '' with your actual domain name)

external image pubimage?id=1qd7Dt_f61_IicC4qlCq43x2F_XqwcS3gInTsifQaHv0&image_id=1l3atCn1uoyBFyEJXlC6ccjGCHc8uNuU
OR Login to your account and under the gear you will have the option to "Manage this Domain"

external image google-apps-manage-this-domain.jpg?d5aadb