Advocacy 101

Your Guide to Texas Government 101
Basic government 101
How a bill becomes a law
Diagram of Legislative Process

How and when to contact your Senator or Representative
Who represents me?
How do I learn more about them?
List of State House
List of State Senate

State your reason for contacting them and what you want them to do.

  • Be personal and professional (don’t burn any bridges)
    • Email
    • Call
    • Visit (local district office and Austin)
    • Provide them with your contact information
  • Staff member who handles the issue you are interested in
  • Call the office to find out who this is.

  • During Election!!!
  • Don’t forget to vote EVERY time there is an election
  • During session
    • When bill is being considered throughout the process
  • In between sessions
    • View this as a long-term process
    • Get to know office staff

How can I find more information about a piece of legislation?
How do I track a bill?

  • How TCEA can assist your efforts with technology related issues
    • Review legislative issues
    • Respond to pleas from TCEA and ETAN alerts
    • Sign up for TCEA Advocacy Twitter and Blog
  • Legal limits
    • Follow district guidelines and intent
      • Can inform but not push for passage of particular bill
    • Can always contact as an individual citizen
      • Use individual email
      • Contact after hours
      • May identify yourself as a Texas teacher

Stay involved and make your voice heard!